Ok, the listing is for an occupied rental. But do you really need to show the tenant?

Fuzzy and Clear

The listing agent thought is would be smart to post both of these photos.

I guess the first photo is just a teaser to get the buyer to imagine the kitchen.

And then the reality…



A fantastic front photo.. We all need to see the trees and street view.

Another one for the dogs…

And these folks need a cabinet in their laundry room!

I would have omitted this photo from the MLS…


Sometimes I feel like I have seen it all. Then people find a new way to mess up…


Think this one may need a new roof?

Yes that is really the first photo on a real MLS listing… BRAVO!!!


The photos speak for themselves…

The home is what it is but the lions are just distracting. A good agent knows what your clients should put away before taking photos.


This agent didn’t even worry about visiting the house…

street view

Notice the directional arrows and the footer…

This was the first photo on a listing.

Notice the glare? They didn’t even roll down the window.


I blurred out their sign to keep their identity private.