Hi Grandma!

I keep thinking I’ve seen it all. And then then agent find new ways to take bad mls photos. This 350k listing has a great photo of Grandma. Well, she almost made it out!



Bad Juju

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything because most of the photos seem repetitive.

But this photo just seems like bad juju for the listing agent!



These are the last three photos on a coastal listing. I guess you have to give them points for knowing how to capture an image from their cell phone. And their signal is good and battery fully charged. But if your agent can’t crop an image, you should be asking what else do they not know!


Who needs a drone? I’ll just snap a picture of this picture!


OK, I get where this agent was going. But His reflection made me laugh. I think he would’ve been better off paying for the real drone photo or at least scanning this photo..

She almost makes it in the first photo.

Here the trees nearly block her out

Now we get a great view!

One final Bonus shot… Curious right 🙂

I haven’t posted in a while because most of the bad photos I’ve seen are  repetitive.  Well today I was rewarded with some new ones.

The first photo for this listing appears to be from a party. Maybe they were trying to make the house look inviting? But I’m distracted by the kids, games set up in the yard, and the pull behind RV. I could possibly imagine a photo like this is the fourth or fifth image selling the lifestyle. But this was the first photo on the MLS listing8816A953-EAE9-45B8-950E-FA9A16BFD4DA

This next one is truly amazing to me. It’s a little “Where’s Waldo” but I will give you a hint 🦎



Just Photoshop it…

I can hear the conversation. “We didn’t have time to get the stove. Can you just Photoshop one in?”

Well that turned out well! They didn’t even pay for the image, it was ripped off from a stock photo site.

The copyright logo is on the door.

Here is another angle where they just blocked out the area